I keep telling myself that I'm making progress...but the to-do projects totally are outweighing accomplishments, so it seems. Especially since just about every appliance we own, as well as our water, have all retired in the last 6 months.  I almost threw a tantrum this morning when the toaster wasn't working (just tripped the breaker, phew!). I know I need to give myself some slack, but I want it all done yesterday.  I decided to grab the camera and show you my piles.  Totally owning this chaos here and going to try to put a positive spin on the mess...

Much to do in the bathroom...but I did strip the wall paper (didn't want those loud orange/yellow flowers showing through).

These two 'new to me' chairs need refinishing...I was looking for chairs to go with this little found table I have.
 I look at these knobs and counter-tops and want them gone....but we have a new refrigerator that actually works, the luxury!  No more storing everything in the wood shed.
There's curtain rods to hang, much painting to be done....but we did accomplish one floor (I need to show you the rest of this room, don't I?).

Many days, I'm cleaning up breakfast when it's time to make dinner....but I did get some bread made.

 I still haven't filled vases in the house with fresh greenery like I had planned....but we are still eating.
 There's gifts to finish... but at least they've been started.

 The nursery looks like this...which fortunately is more tidy than it was a couple weeks ago.
 There's more projects in need of painting on our porch...thankful we have a space to keep them out of the way.
Everytime I think something is clean, I turn around and there's a bigger mess...but at least their toys are no longer packed. 

 You know how many days I've declared to be 'pajama days'?  Not because it's a fun thing to do, but because by the time I'm finished unpacking, unloading, fixing up, catching leaks, finding drips, changing addresses, etc, it's just been a pajama day before I've had a chance to make it otherwise.

But you know?  Pajama days are quite fun. Tossed with a sweater or hat or's all good.

 We'll get there when we get there.  The journey is much more important than the destination. 

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  1. Yes! Just keep reminding yourself you will get there when you get there. I know it's hard in the middle of the work, but one day it will all be done. In the meantime, you'll get to have more pajama days! :)

    PS - The bread looks delicious!



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