(One room's) Hardwood Floors

Well, this wasn't intentionally our very first project.  The carpet was clean and not terrible.

But my poor husband wheezed and sneezed everytime he entered what was to be our bedroom.


So, he informed me he ripped the carpet up.  I was fine with that, but oh boy...we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into.

 I got to work with pulling staples and nails.  Since both kids rarely sleep at the same time, baby girl helped along the way.  There could have been a tornado in that room and the carpet would never leave those floors it was tacked so well. 

Under the carpet was glue/gummy goop.  Black nasty stuff.  Our neighbor recommended citrasolve.  That and 8 hours of scrubbing with green scotchbrites it looked...well...better. 

It looked better, but still not great.  I was planning on living with it...but my dad is more ambitious than me.  He arrived with a sander and got to work.  We soon rented a major deal rental quality.  Let me tell you, this huge piece of equipment probably is worth more than my car.  We sanded and sanded, taking turns caring for the kids and being in charge of the sander beast...for an entire day. 
I didn't pull the camera for that beast, but it was a huge piece of equipment. 

Of course, there was a dance party or two in the mix.
 Vacuumed up.
 Admired our work.

And my dad put on a layer of polyurethane (which ended up being more complex than it should have been).  Getting there...

And done.  It's not nearly as shiny as it looks in the picture.  But, you can't see any black goo.  There's still some marks here and there showing their age (Over 130 years!).  Hindsight we didn't need to strip them quite so much, but overall, we're quite pleased all that work is done.  The end result is so worth it.
 I love it.  As the BOG (Bald Old Grandpa) warned...we'll want to do the whole house. We so do. Well, minus the sawdust mess.  Do you know how many square feet have wood floors in this place? All of it. That also deters us from signing up for more.  

Since this room is sooo large, it will serve as my craft room and our bedroom.  That was my husband's idea...isn't he generous?! 

Next project in this room will be some curtains and a coat of paint.  I know, I do enjoy this wallpaper too.  While my husband would live with the wallpaper and never complain, I know he's not a fan.  It's his bedroom too...and I want him to love it.  So, a coat of white paint will be on the agenda soon. 


  1. Oh I LOVE the floors!!! Your dad is right that you're going to want to do the whole thing. They're so beautiful. I love the thin boards that show their era. Nice work you guys!

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