Work in progress...Master Bedroom

I did promise to give you a tour of the 'master bedroom', didn't I?  It was after I shared this project I received many requests to see the room furnished. Better late than never, right?   

Remember, it's a work in progress.
Come on in.  But, quiet, baby girl is sleeping.
 And there's definitely a scaredy cat hiding...but here's our abode.
 The floors are finished, yes.  I will be painting that wallpaper sometime soon. (I do love the wallpaper, but want to make this a cozy room for my husband).  I was going to make curtains, but I found these panels for $4.00 a piece and thought they were good enough for now.  I have fancy curtain rods to hang them higher too.  I also may get a rug.  All in time, I need to remind myself.
 I thought I'd show you what's outside, too. I took these before the snowstorm.  Now we have a foot of snow. Anyway, this is the farmhouse next to us that worked in conjunction with this one now.  Those who lived in these two houses have surnames that this road is named after.  It's these folks who we bought this house from.  They're great neighbors, indeed.
 And here's the apple orchard that used to go with this house, but was sold a bit ago.  We're friends with those who own it and he gives me full access to take whatever I want. Kind neighbors we have.
 And this is the large maple that wants to be tapped this spring and our fancy new septic that they put in for us.  The whole hedge is lilacs.  The sweet woman who lived here used to let me pick myself a bouquet.
 And here's the roof for our sunporch and the barn in the distance.  Plus a field that is no longer so, now it's a pile of brush.
 Oh, I never showed you this project, did I?  It's an antique dresser that was my husbands.  Great bones, but tons of not pretty scratches and dings.  I stripped...three rounds of stripping to get it to look like this. The mirror next to it goes with it..which needs fixing...and stripping.  So wish I stripped it when I did the dresser, but it didn't fit at the other house, so I didn't bother. Yet another project...

 I love these radiators.  I don't like that I have to decorate around them, but I do think they're pretty cool.

 And I also don't think I ever introduced you to Lucy, our cat who hides all day...well at least until our busy boy naps or goes to bed for the evening.  She's not a fan of his energy.
 She is a beautiful cat though.
There....a couple more peeks into this place.  What would you like to see next?

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  1. Thanks for a peek inside. I would love to see your kitchen before and (if/when you have them) afters.

    Sonja ♥ Lally Broch Farm



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