His surprise.

I was going to post this post on Saturday. But, in light of the events, I couldn't. It's with a heavy heart I look at these and think of grieving parents.  But, I carry on for these two kids.

I told Adrian that he was going to get a Christmas gift early.  On that Christmas gift would be a clue of what we were going to do for the day.
 He enthusiastly cheered "See trains!".  I guess it didn't matter that we can do that from our backyard.  I told him instead we were going to ride on a train.

This is him grinning ear to ear.

 His sister was right by, looking cute.

 He told her what was happening.
 And she smiled a smile of delight too.

 Off we go.  We arrive.  He's shocked to be at the 'station'.  All it is is a little antique trolley museum around the corner from us.  It had 'Disney' type magical feel in his book.
 Here he is...smiling his big cheesy smile.  He's so darn happy.
 He didn't want his coat zipped so everyone could see his train shirt.
 Trains, trains and more trains.  It's like he's meeting the queen.
 He held on tight to these tickets.
 And did not miss a thing. 
 I whispered to the conductor that his name was Adrian.  The conductor said "All aboard Adrian".  Let me tell you...his eyes got even wider.
 He completely freezes once we get on the train.  Utter shock.

 It did look mighty fancy, this restored 1924 trolley.
He checks for his tickets, holds onto those tight.  The conductor offers him a chance to step on the warning bell and to blow the whistle.

 He definitely took him up on the offer.

 Audra, where was she?  Alert in the sling....close to mama.

The funny thing about this experience is this little boy "needs" his mama for everything.  He talks about "needing" me all the time.  But, he wanted his own seat on this train.  He had important business to take care of.

 Audra wasn't even allowed to sit by him.

 Here he is...all by himself...waiting for the conductor.
While someone was squealing close by.

 He's not going to miss the conductor collecting these tickets, let me tell you.
 Audra isn't into this whole train thing, so she's going to squeal and look cute instead.
 But he's serious.  Unwavering. He has an agenda.
 He may have 'shushed' her a couple times.
 This is when he spotted the conductor, coming to take the tickets.

 He proudly offered them up.
 And was enthralled with the half hour ride. Twice the train stopped at intersections.  Adrian was convinced the trolley needed a tow truck both times, so he offered his advice.

 At the next intersection, they let this little Adrian come ahead and blow the warning whistle.  It was a very important job that he was proud to do.
 Trains.  Such an important love for this boy.

 It feels pretty darn good that we gave him the world this day.  (Especially since it was only the next town over and we spent a grand total of $12.00.) 
 Hot cocoa after. 
 And we've heard the events of the visit to the trolley museum every.single.day since.  He's got a list of people he's going to bring the next time.  It was a good day, and I think we have already been propositioned for a return visit.


  1. Aww, that is heart melting. So glad he loved his early Christmas present! What a sweet boy. We're so lucky to have our sweet ones near us. *sigh*

  2. That is just too cute! I love how he wore a train sweater, too! He must really love trains. What a perfect gift for him :)

  3. You really did give him the world on this visit. What a fun, family adventure.



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