Reflections 2012

2012.  This year was more than fantastic.  We welcomed our little blue eyed girl.  Our little guy turned two.  And we bought our dream home.  Life couldn't be better.

In case you missed's the top news, baked treats and crafts from 2011.

And here's the run down, in case you missed it.

The biggest project I've completed by far is the latch hooked rug
I posted the popular creamy chicken stew and cheesy biscuits.
We spent lots of time outside in that thrifted turtle coat our little guy wouldn't take off.

We tapped our trees for the first time.
We "creatively" announced we were having a girl!!!
I perfected our English Muffin recipe.
I completed my very first quiet book.

We enjoyed unseasonable Maine warmth with family.
I made a Giraffe shirt and a few wedding gifts.
We ate Christmas Casserole Cookies

I made a picnic table for my kids and their dolls.
I finally got around to sharing my jam bar recipe (like Nutigrain bars homemade).
We dug out our spring coats to enjoy some simple pleasures.

I made the cutest tiny puppy playset.
We got dragonflies to control the mosquito population.
I shared my pizza crust recipe.

I added to our play kitchen homemade supplies.
We went to the zoo.
And we ate some banana bread.

We finally welcomed our baby girl and enjoyed watching the siblings meet.
I made some emergency chocolate fudge.
I made the cutest vintage pants .

I made a ruffled peasant dress.
We visited the BOG.
We ate oodles of popsicles.

We started making our own coffee creamer.
Someone turned 2 and I made oodles of things to go along with his party.

We had a tortoise and the hare for Halloween.
I may have earned some eye rolls from the underwear I made my son.
We ate some yummy soft ginger cookies.

We purchased our forever home.
And there were projects galore....much of which was in the living room.
I perfected my oatmeal raisin cookie recipe.

We ate chocolate covered peanut butter balls.
I gave you a tour of the barn.
We had a fantastic Christmas.

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