Oh my.  It's gone.  The fifty pound bag of flour I bought two months ago, just before the snow came.  Wow, that shows how much baking I do.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you how I've been enjoying buying dried goods in bulk. Cheaper, convenient and less packaging.  I've been blessed with a very large pantry in this house...which currently houses 50 pounds of white flour, 50 pounds of whole wheat flour, 50 pounds of oats, 50 pounds of sugar and 50 pounds of potatoes, 30 pounds of raisins, 25 pounds of rice, a gallon of olive oil and a case of oranges and a case of grapefruit...to name a few.  Pair that with homemade yogurt, homemade bread, eggs from laying chickens, a full freezer of local meats, berries and some herbs from the garden and a root cellar that still has plenty of jams, relish, pears, apples, tomatoes and juice...well, it's nice to be set and not need to scoot to the grocery store.  One of these days I need to find a way to better organize it...and perhaps show you...but I have to say it's nice having things handy.
This pace of life with food preparation feels good.  I rarely need to go to the grocery store.

  We stretch our visits every 2-3 weeks (fresh fruits/veggies the first week; canned/frozen fruits/veggies the 2nd week). Less shopping trips in and of itself gives me extra hours each week with my babies. Making sure we're home to make yogurt or bread once a week gives us the down time we need as a family.  Home is where we want to be, we love this farmhouse so.
I've been asked a time or two how I have time to make all of our bread from scratch.  My view?  A chunk of time every week to be home, to get our hands dirty, smell the baking bread, sample while it's still warm, be together as a family...I make time for all of that. Life's too busy not to.

Buying bulk, making from scratch, carving out a chunk of time each week to make bread (recipe here), give it a go.  Perhaps you'll enjoy it too.


  1. I love it! Do you keep your flour/oats in something to make sure the bugs stay out? This makes me nervous about buying in such large quantities. Also, I think you need a cow. Or a goat. Add in some fruit trees and you'll NEVER have to go to the grocery store :)

  2. Great post! Where do you shop for 50 lb bags of flour, etc?

  3. This is so awesome! I didn't even know you could buy grains in bulk like that. And I am definitely amazed at how much flour you use. I think I've used maybe 10 lbs in the last couple months!

    It's so great that you've figured out a food storage system so you don't have to go to the grocery store all the time. I, on the other hand, usually go several times a week. It's on my way home from work, otherwise I would definitely keep more in storage. I think I'm going to try to figure out how to buy more in bulk and take fewer trips to the store :)



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