Found. And Loved.

I mentioned to a friend a bit ago that I was looking for a tiny sized tea set.  I've looked and looked for the perfect ceramic set at thrift stores, with no luck.

Must have been a reason why I never found one.

I found mine. 

And do I ever remember it.

I remember using it frequently.  With my brother, with my mom, with my stuffed animals.  I certainly played with it a lot.  But, I always placed it back in each respective spot in the rightful box.  "So when I have kids one day, they can play with it too." The box is mighty tattered, but each piece is in perfect condition.  Preserved with gentle hands for my own kids.

Finding it was like winning the lottery. Definitely 'vintage', but full of memories, indeed.  And I think there's room for some more memories in the making.

I was not the only person excited about this find.


I'm so fortunate to still have a grandmother.  I grew up seeing my grandmother regularly, sometimes even daily.  She's always been very special to me...I'm thankful to still have her.  I'm certain we played tea party back in the day. 

Whenever I bring my kids to see older folks, I always pack a bag of books/toys.  It breaks the ice, having stuff with us.  And most love to watch little ones play. 

She was napping when we arrived.  When given the choice of holding a sleeping baby or sitting up in bed, she picked the baby.
 And while she slept, we read books.
 And when I was reading, I looked up and saw this.  Audra's hand on top, hers in the middle, Adrian's on the bottom.  I couldn't help but smile.
 When all were awake, we had 'coffee'.  Maybe to the tune of 30 cups worth.  She kept 'spilling' and needed refills.  What a good sport she was/is!  I have many memories of her of my own in her bed growing up.  We'd get gingerale with a straw, m&ms and sour cream and onion chips in bed at night, eggs, toast, bacon and orange juice in the morning.  She'd listen to the Christan radio station while we slept, which didn't come in well, so basically we were listening to static.  I loved sleeping over at her house.
 And I love love love this picture. No matter how young or old, we all can enjoy a tea party.
 Or a book read to us by a 2 year old.
 Thankful for the years of memories made with this special woman. 


  1. So touching...tears in my eyes as I remember you in younger years with your mom. Bless you all!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics of your kids and your grandma! Very toughing!

  3. These photos are so awesome and I know your kids will treasure them for years to come. That one of their hands touching almost made me cry! What a special photo. I still have my grandma (she just turned 90!) and I visit her quite often. She is like a 2nd mother to me!

    1. Almost made you cry, Tammy? My eyes are leaking! You girls are so good and sweet to your grandmas.

  4. I have to tell you I have tears in my eyes. How beautiful your grandmother is and how blessed to have these photos of her with your children. God has blessed you all very much. Thank you for sharing with me. It is a blessing to know you and your family thru blogging. Mildred



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