She's ONE!

Happy sweetest of birthdays to my sweet, sweet girl.  Wasn't it just yesterday I was writing about you being 9 months6 months3 monthsJust being born?

Well, Audra Grace, you are our little firecracker indeed.

You started your first steps at 11 months, and have not stopped walking/practically running since.

We know you're about to get into trouble, as you'll warn us with a 'n-n-n-no' or an 'uhoh'.  Not like that will stop you from completing whatever naughty thing you decide you must do.

If you feel like we're forgetting you, you'll holler "AUDRA" over and over.  You never want to miss out.

You're starting to enjoy books, pointing to pictures when mama asks and such.  You love the Ladybug book the best.  And any touch and feel books sets you into a fit of giggles. 

You're super good at in and out.  And you enjoy playing that game with everything.  Especially the just folded laundry.  You call people on your pretend phones.  You make big messes, which really annoys your brother.

Although you enjoy greeting the chickens with a 'hi', pulling the cats tails and the petting the bunny yields more giggles, the pet you love the best is hands down our dog.  You will leave anything you're doing to pet that dog.  All other pets, you're not so gentle.  But your Kammie, you're most gentle with her.

Because your mom is a speech therapist, I must keep track of the words you know.  Odd, perhaps, but I can't help myself.  Words: mama, dada, hi, bye, mmm (for eating), Audra, a word for potty, Kam, ball, kitty, chicken, thank you, 'n-n-n-no', uhoh, and the best siren out there (thank you big brother).  Sign:  more, plane, hat, train, milk, flower.  You're getting really good at following simple directions (sit down, give to me, come here, find your belly, give me a kiss, Where's Adri? etc). You do the motions with the songs "Open shut them", "Happy and You Know It" and a couple others that require clapping. You sit very well for library story hour.

Your favorite foods are applesauce, pearsauce, yogurt and bread with jam.  Coincidentally that's the stuff your mama canned/made homemade for you.  You know the way to your mama's heart!

Although the first month was great, by month two you decided you weren't a fan of sleeping.  You're still not a fan of sleeping.

You enjoy hanging out on mama's back. You give the best (sloppiest?) kisses out there.  You pat our back when you give us a hug.

You love mama and dada equally and will give other people hugs and snuggles.

We both love you so incredibly much.  You've been the perfect addition to our family.  Did I mention I love you so?  Happy first birthday, sweet girl.  May we have an amazing year of adventures ahead of us. 


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to this sweet girl. I love the way you wrote this. B

  2. Happy birthday, Audra! What a sweet tribute from mother to daughter :) She sounds quite advanced for a one year old!

  3. Oh, dear! You've gone and opened the water works. I miss my own sweet girl so. Now she's 30 and lives far away. This is a lovely letter to your sweet girl.

    Happy Birthday, Audra Grace! There is a very silly verse I have said to my kids on their birthdays all their lives...and I still do. I think a birthday wouldn't be complete without it. :-) Here it is for you.

    One year old today and getting very big.
    And never frightened ever, not even of a pig!

  4. So sweet.... hard to believe it happens so fast



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