And she turns ONE!

 Our little firecracker turned one.
Started the day with the obligatory photoshoot.


 (Big brother and Kammie too).

 Apparently all that excitement tuckered her out.
So...what I made:
Birthday Girl Dress

Birthday Banner (Free Pattern)

Birthday Wand (Free Pattern

And I was thinking that was that, as I was just have cake for her at our regular annual family party.  But guilty mom set in, so I made a few extras with things hanging around camp and a brief half hour nap as referenced above, I got to work.  Probably would be fun decorations if I would have organized myself to set one at every place setting or something fancy like that.  Oh well.
Painted rock tied with hemp.
 Rock wrapped with birch bark and tied with a ribbon.
 Covered yogurt container.

 Painted tongue depressor flag anchored to a rock.

And of course the fabric tied gifts.

Which this is what I made her. Link here.
And here's our dining beauty.
 Cake was a white cake, strawberry frosting in between.  Topped with red, white and blue favorites.

And strawberry ice cream.  Which I totally forgot about and never even served.
 She was so confused when we sang.

 But was excited for cake.

 Rather she was excited for the fruit on the cake.

"Why is everyone watching me?" is what she would have said if she could.
 Anyway, she ate the fruit.
 And signed more.  Could have cared less about the cake. 
 That's okay, helpers arrived.

  A great day, indeed.
 So blessed to have a one year old.
 She tuckered out earlier than usual.
 She missed the fireworks this year, but I'm sure there will be a day when she'll be most excited she was born on the fourth of July.
 Happy first birthday, sweet girl.


  1. Happy birthday! What a fun day for the little birthday girl!

  2. Such a sweet Birthday girl!! The photos are beautiful, the dress is adorable and the cake looks scrumptious!! :) Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  3. The dress looks so sweet on her! And the cake does look scrumptious.

  4. Awww such cute photos! You can tell you paid lots of attention to the details and everything turned out great. That cake looks especially delicious! Love the family photos :)

  5. What lovely photos! Looks like you made it such a festive day! Love the dress by the way!

    Wishing you a wonderful day.



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