Patriotic Wand (Free Pattern)

One of sweet girl's gifts was a mama made patriotic wand.

The husband thought I was crazy.  He didn't think she'd be into a wand.

But she loves it!  She has carried it for hours!

I think Family Fun posted a version of these ages ago.  PATTERN HERE.  You can make it out of paper, ribbon and a dowel or do as I did, and use felt.  I made mine double sided, but you also could just do one side.

Mine is hand stitched, but you can use a machine. I stitched white onto red, red onto blue and then sewed the two sides together, leaving a gap at the bottom.  I hot glued 8 inch ribbons onto a 12 inch dowel.  Then I hot glued the felt onto the stick.  Easy!


  1. Ahhhh this is too adorable! Oh my gosh. Everything is perfect and she looks so cute in her special outfit! Love the headpiece :)



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