Mama Made: A Tractor Shirt (FREE PATTERN)

Re-Posting this...this time with a pattern, per request. I hear there are other tractor fans out there. Click here for the applique.  You can use double sided fusible interfacing and zig zag the edges to make your own.  Or try the no sew freezer paper method. I hand embroidered the lines and the steering wheel on the tractor, but you could do machine stitching there.  And I used buttons for wheels.  Be creative....And show me what you did!

So, all he wants to wear lately is John Deere shirts.  But we only have one John Deere shirt.  I asked him if he would wear a tractor shirt mama made him.  Big eyes- "Yes, mama!".

So, here it is:
 He couldn't wait to put it on!
 Soo excited!

 It's big, so it should fit for a while.
 I can post the pattern if anyone's interested.

"Thank you, thank you, mama!"


  1. Oh that is so cute I can see why he loves it.B

  2. I love your mama-made items. He looks so delighted!

  3. This is so very, very, cute! Your little model is adorable too!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  4. Very cute! The tractor is just so sweet. Good thing it's a little bit big so it will fit him for a while :)



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