A loaf pan, replacing one that I broke (oops).
An oil lantern (is that what's called?)
Two (more!) camping cups.
A kitchen gadget that will undoubtedly make fantastic snowballs come winter.
An IZOD shirt for my husband.
And boots. 
 Grand total: $5.00

Those boots are not just any boots, but work boots.  Timberland work boots.  Like new work boots. Ones like so many male figures in his life have. Need I say more?
 Oh, he certainly gave them a try.
 This stuff is serious business for hard workers.
 But a little dance party to commence the event won't hurt.
 Oh my, he was excited.
 So excited he needed to use them immediately.
 Well, they were 'like new'.  Oh well.  Memories are more important than new boots.


  1. Great finds!

    Love the lantern... and the photos of the little guy in his boots are precious!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Wow...great deals again!

    Love the pics of him in the new boots!

  3. Before I scrolled down the page for the price of your thrifted items I thought to myself, *there's no way Jackie got all that for $5.00 this time*. lol Great deals! That thrift store is a keeper.

  4. You always find such great deals. What joy to see your little one wearing his new boots. He certainly was excited. Blessings!



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