I love that my kids are growing up with animals.  It's fun to see their favorites.  Hers?  The dog.  Definitely.  She loves Kammie.  She may decapitate a chicken, pull the cat tails, remove an ear from the bunny, but she is always so gentle with the dog.  She finds Kammie wherever she is and pats her and gives her hugs.  So sweet.

He likes the dog, yes.
But absolutely nothing beats his chickens.  He has an intense love for our rooster too. That's right, you read that right.  We have a rooster pullet.  Oops.  Hope he stays relatively kind.

I remember growing up with feathery and furry friends too.  The rabbits were my fave. What animals did you grow up having?


  1. My dad bought me a rabbit at the local exhibition when I was about 9. His name was Lord Long Ears. Eventually, Dad bought a Lady Long Ears to keep Lord the same cage. I'm sure you can imagine what came next. :-)

  2. I had a cat growing up and she was my best friend! I had her from when I was four until I was in college when she got sick. I am a cat person for sure.

    Love these photos! Too bad you guys got a male with your girls. We accidentally got a male back with our 2nd batch of chicks, and I handled him a lot while he was growing up and he is really gentle with me now. I can just pick him up whenever I want to and he never tries to peck or scratch me. So I think Adrian has the right idea with holding him a lot!



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