Celebrating the years

We don't get to visit my hometown as much as we'd like.  The distance paired with my husband's limited ability to get consecutive planned days off makes multiple trips not possible.  

When we do get there, I find myself gravitating to the same spots/items with the camera year after year.  Not always on purpose, but it just happens.  It's sort of a snapshot of where we were/are in our life year after year.

Reminiscing is wonderful.

Exhibit A:  The Apple Tree

2010-with our brand new baby boy and our faithful companion, Kammie.

 2011-with our 10 month old baby boy and of course, Kammie.

 2012-with our new baby girl, and of course Kammie.

2013 -with both my blessings (and Kammie close by, but no longer interested in the paparazzi).



Exhibit B: The Rusty Old Trike




Exhibit C:  The Tonka Truck



Won't you dig up one or two from your archives?  Surely you'll get a smile or two.


  1. Oh I love coming here you make me happy with your gorgeous photos. B

  2. Awwww - these are just so beautiful and sweet.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Exhibit C 2012 is especially precious, and the apple tree is beautiful! That looks like it's been around for a while. And it will probably be around for a while and future family photos yet.



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