Boat rides. Another BOG made.

Did I ever tell you about this boat that the BOG made?  That's right.  He made a motor boat.

And here's some pics of us enjoying it, and pics of Audra's first boat ride that she remembers (she went last year, but was too little to remember).  She was unsure of it at first, but then enjoyed it enough to be lulled to sleep.  And our captain/co-captain crew is the best out there.


Ahh, summer memories.

And of course I'm 'that' mama who must take a picture of each of my kiddos
discovering the boat.
Good times, indeed.


  1. Oh WOW that is one beautiful boat such a talented man. And as always your kids make me smile. B

  2. So, So SWEET!!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family.
    What wonderful memories you will have to look back on as you
    document these special times. You are truly blessed to have
    such a loving family. Love those rosy cute.

  3. LOVE these pics! That looks like some good fun!

  4. He made a boat?! Woah! To me that seems so difficult and like it would be impossible, but he is one talented man and he did a great job on it. What a special thing to share that with your kids!

  5. The boat is beautiful! I LOVE the picture of your little man holding hands with his grandpa. So touching and wonderful. It says more about their friendship than words could do.



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