Beach Memories

Each year, I bring my family back to the little beach I grew up going to.  You can read last year's here...and there's a link to the year prior on that post.

There's something special about reliving the memories of my own childhood with my own children.  I contact friends to meet us there.  My mom did the same.  I pack a picnic lunch for us.  My mom did the same.  I lather my kids in sunblock.  My mom did the same.  I sit there on the beach, watching my own kids explore, enjoy and discover.  My mom did the same.  I gather buckets of water to rinse feet off before the shoes go on.  My mom did the same.  I have sopping wet bags of cloths, toys with sand still stuck to them and two happy, tired, dirty kids.  My mom had the same.

She's no longer here, but I feel happy thinking of her when I do the same things she did with my own kids. 

These pictures make me smile.



  1. Awwww what great photos! It's so awesome that you are able to carry on the traditions your mother took part in. Lots of happy memories I'm sure :)

  2. Ah, that's fun! Your kids look as though they definitely enjoyed the outing!

  3. They made me smile too through teary eyes. I'm sure your mom would be very proud of the beautiful family you have made in her foot steps. That probably didn't make sense, but I hope you understand the spirit of what I mean. :-)



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