When there's a tractor left in your field, you can guess where my kids decide where they need to be...

Won't you take a walk with us?

Remember this spring I shared my excitement that there was an apple tree back there?  Well, here it is now.
And there's apples on it!!!

 Anyway, onward we go to the tractor.  Which definitely was the happiest part of his day/week/month...maybe even life.  And she's a fan too!

Let me tell you, there will be more tractor shots coming, I can promise you.  I hope you don't mind.


  1. Adorable pictures. Wishing all of you a nice weekend!

  2. Oh I wish you could see the huge smile your photos put on my face this early morning Thank you what a way to start the day. B

  3. All kids should have a John Deere in their life...really cute pics of the kids.

  4. Wow! That thing is huge! The photos of the kids both next to it and sitting on the wheels really put it into perspective. And I love the John Deere jumper. Nice touch. ;-)

  5. They were ready for the tractor all decked out in the John Deere gear! Too cute! I can't believe how big those tires are - I'd be excited to see it, too!

    Hooray for apples! So exciting!



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