Antique Tractor Show

We brought them to an Antique Tractor Show.  You'd think it was Disney.  Tractors every which way.  Tractor parade, tractor pull, tractor shows. Tractors to watch, climb on, hug (?!) and ride.  Lots of farmers.  Lots of folks who know about John Deere. French fries and strawberry shortcake.  It's their Disney.




 I don't know if I ever thought I'd be spending time with tractors for family fun days.  I'll go wherever makes them happy. And if it's a day of tractors that brings a smile to their face, by all means, sign us up.

I'm lucky. Lucky, indeed.


  1. I love the family photo! It's a keeper. I'm happy you had such a good family day.

  2. What cute photos! They look like they were in heaven, especially farmer Adrian :) I'll take some of those fries and strawberry shortcake if there's any left! ;)

  3. Fabulous! It's so cute that Adrian is wearing his mama-made tractor shirt and Audra her John Deere jumper. It looks like it was a really fun day. I agree with Tammy was there any short cake left? lol



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