The Fair: 2013

Yes, our cucumbers were the size of watermelons by the time we returned, but skipping our to do list and heading to the fair was AWESOME. 

Here he is, ready to go.  With his cow who wants to meet friends.  In a back carry, as cows like back carries best.  Naturally. 

 Really, he wants to be just like mama.  Love.
 What did we do first?  Cows.  Naturally.
 She pretty much "mooed"  incessantly.
 And, well, he pretty much thought we bought him the moon.  It's amazing to see how gently and confidently he approaches animals.  Animals do love him so. 

 I'm sorry to say there aren't too many pictures of sweet girl.  I kept her on my back...because she's fast, fearless and before I can get a third descriptor, she'd be gone.  It takes four eyes and two sets of adult hands and feet to keep tabs on her.
 But she said her animals sounds for each one she saw. 

 This kid, right here....he told lots of people that he was a farmer of chickens and that he was a good farmer.  And that he was going to get a couple goats and 2 jersey cows for his birthday (which is in a couple weeks).  I hope he's not terribly disappointed...
 No cows are coming, but we hope to get our goats within the next month or two.

 One of these days, sweet boy, we may add some cows.

 Tractors.  Need I say more?

 He's going to get one, you know. He obviously didn't read that price tag.

 I admit, I got a little teary eyed when I entered the 4-H building.  This is where I spent my childhood at the fair.  Exhibit upon exhibit. Ribbon upon ribbons. Some even earning the way to state fair. 

 We totally had this sign in our yard.
 And I totally salute my mom for what she did for us through 4-H.

And they had these homestead stands, where you could submit an array of what you do around your homestead.  I totally want to do one of these!

 And we let her out.  Which means we took a significant break from picture taking...
When we caught her, the camera did come back out.
 But we did see baby chicks.  Even some being born.
 And we had some delicious snacks.  These were from Adrian's favorite farmer-Farmer Rick.  He happened to be there and treated Adrian to french fries.
 There also was a whole building dedicated to flower arrangements.
 And a building dedicated to antique's crazy to see how much of the stuff in that building that either I own or the BOG owns.

And I want this for canning:

 I also got a little nostalgic (should that be embarrassing?) when I walked into the rabbit barn.  I used to show my rabbits.

 We were brave and let her out again.
 And they both had their first lollipop.
But of course, we had to have one last goodbye reserved for the cows.  Thankful this one belongs to my husband's friend.  This cow tolerates hugs from cow lovin' little boys. 
 I never thought I'd be a cow owner one day, but this talk about having cows hasn't let up in well over a year.  I am thinking it's not a phase, but a genuine love.  Having our own is a definite possibility. 

This sign sums it up nicely.
 And now, if you got through all that, it's your turn. Have you been to the fair this season?


  1. What a great fair. It's been a long time since I've been, but I do love the fair. Cows and tractors....your little boy was in Heaven! Thanks for sharing your trip; I enjoyed it.
    We photographed some cute goats on our Sun. drive yesterday.

  2. Wow! Looks like such an amazing, full day! Glad Adrian got to see his tractors (he certainly loves them, doesn't he)?!

    Beautiful pictures. I felt like I was there with you.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. I have not been to a fair since High School. What fun!!! Such sweet memories....Your little cow loving guys is just precious!!! What a full and blessed day! Have a great week. Blessings!

  4. Awesome photos! I love how Adrian is so gentle and kind with the animals. It is just the sweetest thing. And how he carried his cow on his back? Precious! I can't wait til you guys get some goats so I can see all the cute photos. And a cow would be wonderful! :)

  5. That's so sweet - I love that Adrian carries his cow on his back - naturally! He's going to love those goats!



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