Large basket.
4 pairs of like new socks.
Four linen squares that have the circular ring in the corner (thinking they'll be useful for some pretend play?).
18 miniature glass bottles...that I have no idea what I'll do with them..they just seemed too neat to pass up. (Any ideas...please share!)

Grand total: $5.00.


  1. You got some great bargains.
    Have you ever made a batch of vanilla sugar? One year for Christmas, I made a batch and gave individual bottles/jars as hostess gifts. The vanilla sugar is especially good added to coffee, tea or even sprinkled on sugar cookies!
    You could dress up the little bottles with ribbon or decals.

  2. $5 is a great deal! I love that big basket. Maybe for the tiny jars you could make some extracts or essential oils?

  3. Great finds! Love the basket! Maybe you could fill the jars with different coloured water and display like a rainbow!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  4. That basket is a beauty! But then I love baskets! The bottles? Are they too small to hold buttons?

  5. Thanks for all your thumbs up, ladies, and for ideas with the little bottles. There were 2 more packs that I didn't buy..maybe I should have. I think they're too small to put anything but tiny bugs or liquids in. The good news is I don't have to do anything with them right away. I think I'll hold out until the mood strikes me!

  6. I'm late commenting on this post. But when I sold my soap and toiletries at the farmers market I sold tubes of bath salts. They were bigger than you have there, but they were meant for 2 or 3 baths worth. Yours are small enough for single use. Bundles of homemade bath salts tied together with the ribbon or string style of your choice with a handmade tag hanging off would make lovely Christmas gifts. :-)



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