His Room

Come on in.  It's painted.  His room, that is. 

Here's  the before pics.

It was flowers.  I grew to love those flowers, and apparently he did too.  He cried that I was "Ruining his room painting the flowers".  Alas, I did paint afterall.  A clean, unblemished white slate.  And I put a few things on the wall.

You know, he did end up loving it.  I overheard him burst into fits of giggles when he was trying to nap in there. Come on in, have a peek!

And I think I told you I painted his bed frame (which was mine when I was a kid).

He loves his room.

She loves his room too. 
 And mama's glad one more room has that mama touch.  I do enjoy the wall paper, but in all the rooms that I have not touched, it feels like we're living in someone else's house.  Gradually, though, it's feeling more like ours.  I'm thankful to live here, everyday.  I don't think I'll ever get used to calling this place ours, I still can't believe it.


  1. It looks great! I love that he didn't want the flowers gone and then he was giggling over the new look! That's so precious.

  2. Looking great. I am loving these glimpses of your home. You are definitely making it your own.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Very nice! Tell Adrian that Turner loves his room. We have looked at the pictures several times together already. He is currently obsessed with lobsters. We read Lobsterman by Dahlov Ipcar EVERY night before bed and we had lobster for dinner last night, so the timing was perfect.

  4. I love Adrian's room. Nice and big with lots of light and such pretty floors. I love the special touches that make it "his." You are truly blessed to live in such an awesome home.
    How special that the bed was yours!

  5. Looking good! I'm glad he likes it. The bed is cute and I love the fact that it was your bed, too! The sign with his name above his bed is so cute!

  6. Love it!! Those throw pillows are just the cutest. :)



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