Growing. Husking. Devouring.

We've had some in the garden and it's just about ready now.  We've had it delivered from field to driveway from Farmer Rick's tractor (can you hear the excitement in my little one's voice?!).  We've purchased it from a farmstand.

We husk.  We boil.  We eat.

It's the same every summer.  But, each summer when we first eat locally grown corn, I forget that I've done this before.  It feels and tastes like the very first time. 

Seasons are marvelous. Sweet corn season is a favorite of mine.

Garden to table never gets old.


  1. We love sweet corn too. We tend to grill ours right in the husk. 45 minutes w ith a flip in the middle. Turns out perfect every time.

  2. Can you believe I've never had sweet corn?? I need to get out more :)

  3. I see lots of goodies on the table besides corn. Your bread looks freshly made. :-)

    I saw a video on youtube recently where they put 2 pieces of fresh corn husk on in the microwave for 2 minutes, cut off the stem end and squeezed the cob out by pressing on the tassel end. I do not like using the microwave much but I just had to try. It worked! It came out very easily without one strand of corn silk on it. I was pretty impressed.

  4. Corn is probably my favorite vegetable ever! It is just so delicious. I could probably live off it! So cute how the kids are excited about the corn :) I love how you get them involved in everything!



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