Goodness, we are excited!!!
We've been creating. 
And baking.
And picking.

And did I mention, getting excited?  We're excited to spend a day, just relaxing and enjoying a day in the country with you, doing some of what's pictured below.  (Feel free to join us!  Info here: ).


See some of you soon-and if you aren't able to come, plan yourselves a nice little country lovin' time in your own weekend.  Time outside with friends and little agenda other than having fun.  Cheers!


  1. Lots of sweet pictures here, and LOL at the John Deere hat!! The boys do start their love for it early, don't they? My husband had to be dragged in the house when we got our first one, otherwise he was stuck in the garage just staring (love struck at the then-new riding mower). ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, those baked goods look amazing! Yummy! Love all the photos, especially the ones with the chickens of course :) Too cute!



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