Coming up...

 Coming right up in our Country Lovin' Kid's Fun festival. 

Right here at our farmhouse. August 18th.  Stop by anytime between 11-2.  Won't you come?

What? A simple, country kids festival to celebrate the country in our kids. There will be simple games (maybe sack races, clothespin drop, beanbag toss type games), pick some wildflowers, take a walk in the field, befriend some chickens, catch the train going by (between 1 and 1:30), chase butterflies, etc.

What to wear? Overalls, plaid shirts, cowboy boots, barn boots, straw hats. Or whatever suits your fancy.

Cost? Donation of a toy (other than a stuffed animal), book, toiletry, a few dollars or simply your prayers for the "Bags of Love" charity. It supports dear children who are removed from their homes and placed in foster care.

Food? We'll have a little fruit and veggie spread, as well as a couple desserts. Bring your own drink and sandwich and plan to have a picnic with us.

Come from 11-2 or pop in for a quick hello. Come young, come old, and plan to have some fun!

(If you could let me know you might stop by, that would help us plan. Thanks!)


  1. Sounds like a fun time. This is such a cute photo of your children at the picnic table. Hope the weather is great for your outing.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I really wish our little family could join yours for this.

  3. What a great idea! Wish I lived close, I would definitely come check it out!



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