Kid Created: Butteryfly Shirt

Have you seen this type of kid created shirt before?  This wasn't my idea.  It was created at a special library program. They had an expert come in and talk to the kids about butterflies.  Adrian created this shirt (well, with some mama help).

Here's how:
1) Place newspaper between the layers of 2 shirt.  Set on ground outside.
2) Place black silhouette cut outs on the shirt.  Pick live grass from field (timothy was used here), lay on shirt.
3) Use a premixed RIT dye solution that was placed in a squirt bottle and spray the shirt lightly.  Immediately remove the cutouts.
4) Let dry for 10 min.
5) Dry in dryer for 20 min. on high heat.
6) Wash in cold water separately.

Ready to wear! 


  1. What a great idea and a fun project. Love the butterflies.
    Hope you guys have a nice weekend.



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