Thirfted. Canopy Tent Play.

We were on way somewhere as a family.  I spy a garage sale and mention I'd love to go.  My dear husband, although I know he's sighing a sigh of dread, turns around and waits with the sleeping littles while I dig for bargains. 

I found this.
The nice woman comes up to me and tells me it's a quilt rack, it's used for displaying quilts.  Although I totally know this, I just let her talk.  She talked the price right down for me, all the way to $2.50.  Let me tell you, sometimes bartering is even better when you keep your mouth shut.  It had carved hearts on top, on side was broken.  Our lovely "Pap" cut them off for me. 

Now, I know it's for quilts. I certainly have enough of them to display.

But...what I was really thinking was the other one I have.  A pair of quilt racks and a sheet (the vitage one here I got for fifty cents!)=canopy tent. I set one up and it's perfect.

Perfect because I'd want to play in there if I was a kid.  Perfect to slow down these little bodies who have been getting so much exercise running around in the sunshine.  A perfect place for memories to be made. 

I filled it with books.  Didn't take long for two to climb in.

It lasted even longer than I expected...this quiet play.  Bodies were calmed down temporarily, but the giggles started up again. 
It's down now, but it comes out periodically. It's a perfect stow away type of item, as it just looks like a quilt rack when it's not their canopy tent.  I set it up on those days when I can sense my littles need a bit more rest.  They may find it on the porch, in the play room, in the guest room, in the living room.  It may be filled with books, puzzles, bead stringing, coloring supplies.  No matter where it is, where it's set up or what's in it...when they discover it, they can't help but to climb in, relax and enjoy. 


  1. Sweet! My Grands always love for me to build a tent out of quilts and sheets..something about feeling they have their own little cave. Blessings! Great deal too!

  2. I have a quilt rack too. I use it at the end of the day to drape clothes since there is no closet in my room. A canopy tent looks like a LOT more fun! :-)

  3. I love re-purposing items found at a yard sale. I remember loving little hide-aways like this when I was little. Beautiful children and precious memories! Blessings to you today.

  4. This is so awesome! Children love tents... especially when they are cozy little spots like this.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love what you did with it! So funny about the bargaining and how if you keep your mouth shut that can be the best tactic. It's true! Adorable photos :)

    PS - Your door and entryway is drop dead gorgeous!

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