Thrifted. And Randoms.

I haven't shown you all my thrifting finds.  I keep posting other things.  So, I hope you don't mind a doulbe up.
All these vintage dishes, a wooden car and a scrap of fabric:  $3.50.
A pasta machine, not even out of the box/plastic, the Hooked on Phonics program, fabric, the best bread knife ever and toddler socks.  $10.00

And for the randoms.
 1) We ended up helping quite a bit with a wedding this weekend.  I was gifted gorgeous flowers and there's a big bouquet five rooms.  Love.
2) Our poor goat got pecked by a chicken.  We had to hustle to get a different space for them to overnight.  We separated our rooster and Rhode Island Reds so Adrian can have unsupervised time in the barn with his hens (I don't trust that rooster).  It's sort of fun having animals at so many corners of our place.
3) I shared on facebook, but I'll copy and paste a highlight:
My little three year spotted a yoke in his pap's barn. He could hardly contain his excitement when he saw it! "Pap, you have a yoke! I'm going to need a yoke when I get my jersey cows! I'm going to hitch them up with a yoke and I'll work hard. I just can't believe you have a yoke!"
Pap gave him that yoke. He's calling everyone to tell them about it. I wouldn't be surprised if he sleeps with it tonight.
4) I still have some grapes to use up.  I did some jam, but I am thinking of doing grape ketchup this time around.  I think my kids would love it.

5) This is lunch.
6) I have the first of two Halloween costumes just about done. It has a bit of upcycled to it.  I need to find the motivation to finish the buttonholes.  Not my favorite part.
7) Lately, we've been challenged in so many ways as a family. I don't get into the specifics in a space reserved for celebrations, but the great things is, these challenges seem huge now, but they're minor in the long run.  I have a great husband, the best two kids ever and we're living in our dream home. 
8) Life sure is good.

 And two more random smiles:
A baby girl sporting John Deere?  Thanks BOG.
 And a little boy giving his grampy a bear hub? Can't help but smile.


  1. I love your thrifty finds. Always makes me want to go thrifting but then I hardly ever find anything cool.

    Grape ketchup? I can't imagine what that would taste like.

    Love the pictures (as usual).

  2. The pasta maker was a fabulous find!! Sorry the goat got pecked. She was probably sniffing around where she wasn't wanted. Goats are so nosey.

    Making button holes used to bug me too. A few years ago Renoman bought me a vintage button holer by Singer off of Ebay. It fit my modern day Singer and makes perfect button holes, exactly the same size, every time. Can't wait to see those Hallowe'en costumes!

  3. Great finds! I found a pasta roller brand new in box at the thrift store a while back too. I just love the yoke story. That's adorable! I tried grape ketchup last year and ended up with a sticky, gooey but runny mess. It didn't work. If you find a recipe that works I'd love for you to share it!

  4. Oooh awesome finds! I love those dishes and the pasta maker was a great catch. I've always wanted to try making my own pasta!

  5. Dontcha just love thrifting? It does a body good to find something vintage.

    Keep focusing on the positive! You've got a lot!



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