Another BOG Gift.

My dad made this. Turned it himself. From wood from his woods. He bought the hardware kit.  I love it.

Does he know the perfect gift to make me or what?

Remember the bowl and table he made me? I still love them too. And my napkin holder and candle holder? And my shaker cabinet?  And my cutting boards?  And our canoe? And the motor boat we love? And seriously, I apparently have never shared the kayaks he made (must remedy that).  I look around here and see more tables and picture frames that he's made that I have never blogged about.  And projects he's done here and there, also never blogged about.

And of course there's the toys he's made too:
bunny pull toy
Kids table and chairs
tow truck
Square Baler and Wagon
Horse Drawn Cart

Everyone needs a BOG.  I'll rent him out if you'd like.  Thanks, Dad!

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  1. Sorry to sound stupid, but what does BOG stand for??? Gorgeous wood work...



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