Coloring Snow.

Fun in the snow? How about coloring it? I have two peri bottles-one from each birth. I kept filling them up with water and a drop or two of food coloring.
 They paraded back and forth to the house for refills and had a marvelous time.
 And might I say our lawn was mighty colorful.

 But what's better is cute kids in the snow.

 Goodness, I love these two.  And you see?  The snow can *still* be fun. I promise.


  1. Oh colourful fun in the snow and cute kids to boot nothing better:) Hug B

  2. Oh we do this too! The kids love it. Though it never occurred to me to keep my peri bottles, that's a good idea. I use icing bottles. Gotta get creative during winters like this when the snow just keeps coming!!

  3. Snow painting is one of our favourite activities. So easy to prepare/do and the kids love it!

    Wishing you a lovely day.



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