Miniature Mouse Playset

Introducing, our new little mouse playset.

Randomly put together with no plan or pattern.  This little mouse was born after I sort of felt a little guilty for celebrating when another mouse was found drowned in a water bucket.  Living in an old farm/farmhouse, mice have done their share of destruction and I have sort of lost a little patience with them. Okay no 'sort of' about it at all.  I'm through with mice. They need to stay our of our house/barn...thankyouverymuch.  I may have sang a little "Another one bites the dust..." when I found the last one and was busting a couple moves when my sweet Adrian looked up at me and said, "Why do we want mice to die, mama?"  

 Nothing like a 3 year old to snap me out of celebration mode.  I don't really want them to die.  I just want them to communicate amongst their community about safe and not safe zones and abide by the rules I set.  Stay out of my house, barn and garage are the only simple rules I have.  And since they have not been successful at getting the message across, I need to take charge when they cross the line into our living zones. 

Okay, I'm not winning any argument here.  Mama fail.

And so I create this little playset.  Now one mouse is allowed in our house and it is this one. 

If you can get past their obnoxiousness, they really are a little bit cute, I guess.

This one is perfect for us, because we can read him little books, tuck him in bed, snap the lid shut and there he sleeps until we're ready to play again.  Nothing is damaged in the process.

And so I introduce to you:  The only acceptable mouse in our house:

 He's got a house, quilt, pillow and two books.

 The box is a jewelry box.  The books are scraps of leather from an old leather coat.
The tail is a hair elastic that broke.

 Snap him shut and he sleeps all night.  Perfect type of mouse to have.
 She loves him best.
And she reads them little books.
So cute.
 And so there you have it.  A mouse and his little house.
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  1. That is the sweetest thing ever.. Only you could take a tragedy or major "Mom fail" and turn it into such a beautiful thing... I love it! Props to you!!!! Blessings!

  2. This is so very cute! I love the little book... adorable!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Aww, it's so cute! Looks like they really love it. That is the only mouse I'd want in the house as well haha :)

  4. I think you are the most resourceful person I know! This is an adorable idea!

    Death is a part of life on the farm. When we bring animals home to live with us, they are inevitably going to die with us too. Not a farm animal, but up until about 10 months ago I used to save every spider in our home by catching them live and putting them outside. We were soon over-run! Now I just say, I'm sorry little spider. You don't belong here. Then I stomp 'em.


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