Upcycled: Puppet Wash Cloths to Rice Bags

Let me tell you what I find annoying about me.

I can't stop.

I get so focused and driven that any chance I have with someone who needs me, I pour into the project of choice.  The latest big time project was that reupholstered chair.  It was really time consuming. That and shoveling snow has been time consuming.

I had meant to make some more rice bags.  The cow rice bag pattern I published was a hit.  I had wanted to design and make patterns for more animals.

But I've been running out of time, doing that which I mentioned above.  But we use rice bags regularly around these parts.  I wanted more.

As I was tidying our puppet bin (that was sprawled across multiple rooms-those kids!), I came across these wash cloth puppets that I got in the target dollar bin maybe 10 years ago?   I'm likely not exaggerating 10 years ago. Here's a pic of me at work with the duck from 7 1/2 years ago.  They have no metal (which is of course important if you're microwaving).  I stuffed them with rice, sewed the bottom.  Voila.  Instant rice bags.

Heat in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, place in your bed and it's toasty warm.

Useful for Maine winters, for sure.

Before-puppets propped on canning jars.

After: Useful rice bags.

I was going to get a picture of my kids sleeping with their fave puppet rice bags. But then, I thought that would wake them.  For they don't always sleep at the same time like they are right now. You'll forgive me for skipping those pics, yes?

Now tell me, do you have any puppets at home that you can make into rice bags?  I bet you might!


  1. Oh Genius idea with those puppets. So very very cute. Hug B

  2. This is such an awesome idea! You are so gifted at upcycling! Thanks for inspiring!

  3. Such a fantastic idea - I think they are just adorable!! So happy you didn't wake the kiddo's. :)

  4. They are so cute! It's finally starting to get warmer around here, but I do love the idea of having a warm rice bag for bedtime. I do get cold at night!

  5. So adorable. I imagine you put them in the freezer for ouchies too, huh?

  6. This is a great idea! At our house we use 'bean bags' which would be like your rice bags, only we fill ours with wheat. Confused yet? lol I use mine every night winter or summer it doesn't matter. We love rice bags. This gives me an idea for Renoman's birthday. :-)



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