Ice Skating

So, our 3 year old mentioned he'd like to try out ice skating.  He pretty much only likes to farm, so this was mighty exciting.  Especially since I laced my figure skates multiple times a week growing up. 

I bought him skates, we set off.  Brought the perfect little push along vintage luggage rack. It was a beautiful day. He gave it a whirl.

 And he hates it.  Quit after less than 5 minutes.  Sat right there in the snowbank and wasn't going to budge.  His sister pushed the luggage rack along a bit.
 It was a beautiful day to watch daddy skate, at least.

 On our way home, he told us: "I never want to do that again. From now on, mama, let's just take our trips to the farm."

I'm holding out hope...maybe she'll be my ice skating pal...completely with lots of flashy accessories, of course.
 If nothing else, we'll try again and end up with hot cocoa (which is really not a bad deal at all).


  1. Awwww.... that's too bad. Maybe next time. Heck, I'd go if we'd end the trip with hot cocoa!! :)

  2. How cute! Well at least he gave it a try. I'll bet your sweet daughter will be your skating buddy though!

  3. Our boys never got into skating either. They love to c-c ski.

  4. Awwww, so cute. My six year old has been begging me to take her skating but our outdoor rinks are a mess and the indoor rinks are ridiculously expensive.

    Great photos! Hopefully he changes his mind and wants to try it again sometime.

  5. Oh, darn and everything looked so perfect. You thought of everything, even the push along. Looks like it was a beautiful day though. :-)

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