Thrifted. Updates. 4-H.

1) Thrifted.

A set of 6 wooden bowls. Misc. flashcards that my kid likes to organize in church. Brand new colored pencils. Melissa and Doug dino.  Two books for the kids. And this marvelous book for me-Treasury of Vintage Housekeeping Skills.  Some good ideas and some things that are entertaining.

Fabric. Shinguards. Two cute little scoops.  A wooden box. A wooden duck and a shortie wrap! . Actually, I'm not really sure it's a shortie wrap, but it has finished edges and it's the perfect size.  And I love the fabric.

And it works well. Turns frowns....
Upside down in no time!

 The magic of babywearing, I tell you.

2) Updates.

I'm getting the flow of this pasta making thing going now. I'm hoping to get it down faster so it doesn't still feel like a project.

I'm getting sooo much closer to getting the barn cleaned up for playtime. Sooo exciting!

Our pipes froze for the 15th time this year this morning. Splendid.

I aim to start the dress making I'm not scrambling at the end of the month.

I'm taking a vacation from work this week-to do nothing but stick close to home and perhaps be a bit of a tourist.

And I had the best type of playdate with my neighbor. We made bagels.  Dipping them in boiling water gave me the heebie jeebies, so she did most of that work.  They were good, but not my forever and ever go to recipe. I have some experimenting to do!  I see more bagel making in my future.

3) And 4-H.  How have I not mentioned about 4-H before?
He's not really old enough to go, but a new local club is graciously letting him tag along. Oh my goodness, he was most excited to go to the first meeting and he knows another meeting is coming up.

Can't get a bigger smile.
 He's smiling because he thinks 4-H is going to lead to this eventually:
He even raised his hand during the brainstorming session at the last meeting to say he wanted to learn about cows. Who would have guessed?!  I mean, he only talks about cows 24/7.

All in time, little farmer.  Until then, he's very happy to bring his craft kit and binder to 4-H.  Thankful we are allowed the opportunity to participate before the minimum age requirement.  We're so fortunate!


  1. I love that you have a 4-H close by! He'll just love it!
    Great thrifts, as usual.
    Stay toasty!

  2. Oh I love your smiling little farmers and I am sure the cows will come:) Bagels are good I have never been lucky in making them myself. Have a nice weekend. hug B

  3. I'd like to dig into that book on vintage housekeeping skills myself. :-)

  4. 4-H will be so much fun for him!! hooray for trying bagels. When I tried them years ago they turned out like yours did this time - not sure what I did wrong. But since starting to make them again next year they turned out just like a bagel. You'll get it!! :)



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