Itch To Stitch: Dress One

Welcome, welcome to the first edition of "Itch to Stitch.

My blogger pal, Sue, is doing a skirt a month this year. (Read about that here).

I took her challenge seriously and decided to join her. I'm aiming to make a dress a month for the next 12 months for my 18 month old girl.  I do love a gorgeous little dress, especially a mama made one, on my little girl.  So, that's the plan.

The last Monday of the month is when I'm supposed to post.  It's February, I know, but I can't just jump to February without giving January a dress.  (Type A much?!).  I'll still hope to have one for February.  This one counts for January.

It's the Oliver & S Tea Party dress.  Much of the dress is upcycled from corduroy scraps/skirts.Vintage buttons.  I made it long enough that it will hopefully last a bit.

And the first try, those teeth were bothering her and she was furious I put her down.
 I still think she looks cute, even though she's mad.
 That's all it too, a scoop up from mama and she was happy.
 We were out and about later in the day, so I tried again.  Here's the back.
 And the front.
One dress down. 11 to go.  Challenge on!
(And please, join us!  Won't you sew along with us? And share what you've completed!)


  1. Oh that is so beautiful even with those teething tears she is an angel. Great job. Hug B

  2. What a gorgeous frock! She looks adorable!

  3. Haha! 'Type A much'. I hear you. I had such a hard time not trying to rush my first skirt so it would be ready for a January posting. :-) You made a sweet jumper and it looks nice and warm. I can't help but smile at her angry photo. It's real and she is so adorable. Poor little dear heart, trying to cut those teeth is such hard work.

  4. Now that is a challenge... I wish I could sew like that... not me! I am crafty but just not a seamstress. You little one looks just lovely even when she is upset... Have fun and keep us posted on all the dresses.. Blessings!

  5. Awww, poor thing! I've heard teething can be horrible. But I bet hugs from Mama do make it better :) This dress is really cute and I like that you made it longer so she can wear it for a while to come!

  6. Wow what a challenge! You did a wonderful job on the first dress. Hope the teething pain subsides for her.

  7. What a sweet dress!! Poor baby - I hope she gets through it soon. :)

  8. Fits like a glove, I would however recommend you get loops sewn into the sides to hold the sash in place. The loops they have are very flimsy and I broke one before I even got the dress to the cleaners.
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