Flannel Wipes

I've talked about upcycled flannel wipes before.

I guess I'm talking about them again.  Why?  Because they are the most used item around the house.  Seriously.

I used to use them in place of baby wipes when my kids were small.  However, given my kids are (mostly) potty trained, wipes aren't for diapering anymore.  I have found sooo many more uses.

They are the perfect size for wiping little faces and hands after craft time/ meal time.
They work as wash cloths in the tub.
Little hands can use them to wipe messes and wash the table. 
They are perfect blankets for pretend play.
They've completely replaced our tissues (I haven't bought a box in almost 4 years).
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Runny noses were constant the last couple weeks, so made 2 more dozen to meet our needs. 

All they are are old flannel blankets, sheets, pajamas that have been given a new life. If you have any of that around your house, whip up a batch. You'll find a hundred uses and it will be a great way to upcycle.

Or...given there's little *musts* in February for me, and I think every family should have some...I am willing to offer that which I don't often. I offer to my services for hire or barter, making you your very own set. Just send me a message this month that you're interested and we can chat further.

Tossed in a basket that's handy-they are what we reach for so many times a day.

 And re-using and re-purposing makes the Earth smile. Give it a whirl, you'll find a hundred uses.


  1. Great repurposing project! You're a gal after my own thrifty heart! ;0)

  2. I made my own baby wipes. Never thought to just do mini facecloths too! Awesome idea.

    Wishing you a lovely Weekend.

  3. How awesome! I've never thought about repurposing flannel for a use like this. You are full of great ideas!

  4. Ha! My mind did a mental search to see what I have for flannel. True story. :-D



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