Snow. Goodness, we have lots of it.

Let me give you a comparison.

This is the view a couple months ago I'd have from my kitchen door..
 This is now.
Animals watching every move I make from this spot. It's really prime time TV, apparently.

Anyway, the drifts are out of control.

But I guess they make great places to 'roost'.
 And they give plenty of opportunity to shovel.  Which I'm all set with, but this one, he'd keep going.
 I guess if you're a dog who likes to dig, you're living in a great state.
 Don't know where she's digging to, but keep on keeping on, Kammie.

 We're still getting out there, bundled and rosy cheeked, everyday.

But...that doesn't mean I haven't thought about gardening.  It really is right around the corner, starting those seedlings.


  1. Oh my - you guys got hammered! That's so funny seeing Kammie digging. I wonder what she's thinking? :) Beautiful pictures as always.

  2. Man, that's some snow! I think I'd buy a snow blower myself. Cute little guys, it's great to get them outside in the winter. No cabin fever!

  3. Wow, you got a lot of snow! I like your prime time TV. Who ever would have thought that animals would enjoy watching us too. And look at those kissable rosey cheeks! :-)

  4. You are braver than me. It looks SO cold out there!



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