Cows, cows and more cows. Moo.

I took a vacation day when my husband was in between jobs.  We debated over what fun thing to do.  Many of our options, we concluded would not be as exciting to our kids as it would be to us.  So, what did we end up deciding? A farm, naturally. Given that's 99% of Adrian's interest, we knew he'd be happy. The goal was a farm, with cows. We ended up at Pineland Farm, aka Adrian's Disney.

And this is how magical pulling into the farm was for him:

We started off with a papermaking class, which I thought would be so fun. He was annoyed. He wanted to see cows. He participated minimally, before needing to inspect the posters on cow breeds.

 On the other hand, she LOVED it. She did multiple pages. She just kept on creating.

A brief tangent...there was this felt board that asked you to classify vegetables if they grew in or above the ground. This kid remembers from our gardening adventure last year. He got them all with no help. (!!)
 Back to the farm life. She like the chickens.
 They had hundreds inside.
 He wanted to go to the cows.
 Watching cow transports might be equivalent to Splash Mountain in excitement.

 And then what did we do after that? Cows, cows and more cows.

He wanted to greet and feed each one.

 The farmers kept coming back. You still here, they'd say?
 Um yes.
 And after that barn,
 We went to another barn...
 And another and another. He held her hand for much of the excitement. He wanted to teach her all about cows. Because they are his favorite, you know.

 He likes Jersey cows best, but Holsteins are his second best.  Which is good, as they only had Holsteins here.

 I asked my husband if 10 years ago, I told him he'd be spending all his vacations on farms, what he would think?  He just smiled.
 He doesn't mind...because no farms, no food. And goodness, that husband of mine loves food.
 Onto the horses.

But alas, back to the cows.  More cows because it was milking time.  We waited for milking.  My husband and I were tired of being there, but not him. He'd move in if they let him.

Not sure if this is her thing or not, but she didn't mind being dragged along, so it seemed.

He was enthralled with the milking. I think the farmers thought that we were the family who just wouldn't leave.  Which we were, obviously.
 This, by far, is my fave pic. He's just like his BOG here (who is a large animal veterinarian), hands behind his back, with his baseball cap on, work boots on, walking back and forth along the livestock, silently watching, inspecting and taking notice. (And Audra, being the excellent imitator she is, joined in.)  We finally said we were leaving. He was furious. But alas, we spent hours looking at cows. Hours and hours.  We needed to pull him away at some point.
 And I can just imagine he had the sweetest of dreams when he crashed on the way home. Dreams of black and white spots, round bales and square bales, udders and silage, gutters and manure. He's a farmer through and through, that Adrian.  To say he loves this stuff would be a gross understatement. And to us? We'll do what he enjoys most, as there's nothing better than giving your child the best day of his life.


  1. Now that was a happily ever after story:):) I think I can see many more long farm dates in you future look at those smiles:) I love Jersey's too. Hug B

  2. Great stuff, maybe he'll be a vet someday, or a cow whisperer?



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