Little Lambs.

We had some errands to run in the general area of Wolfe Neck Farm.  We stopped. And we stayed for a LOT longer than we intended. In fact, we stayed for hours. You see, they had little lambs, which we do not have at our farm.  The farmers at Wolfe Neck were kind, patient and allowed our little ones to help. Help! Squee! Adrian made it his job to teach Audra about farming and he tried to keep her back from the tractors when necessary. They had so much fun. Adrian proclaimed he could farm their farm as well as his own.  Back to our farm close to home, Farmer Rick heard Adrian wants to farm at Wolfe Neck....and he told Adrian that he belongs at Chase's Farm.  Adrian didn't dispute, he does love Chase's Farm best.

But that doesn't mean we still can't have a blast at Wolfe Neck Farm.

And a farm, with coastal views. Love.

 The ram who made all these lambs happen.
 Welding is fascinating.

 He was allowed in the brooder.  The farmers were impressed with how slow and gentle he was.
 Certainly not his first time in the hen house.
 Nor hers.
 He marched up to the farmers and asked them where the grill was for the Massey Ferguson. They were surprised he knows his tractors.

 Keeping her safe. The tractor was coming.

 Just a snack.

 He helped.  For about a half hour straight.
 Of course, keeping close watch on his sister when the tractors were close by.

 Really, watching them enjoy the lambs were magical. We were tempted to put a couple in our trunk and bring them to our farm. Maybe someday.


  1. It's so sweet the way he protects his baby sister. The look of joy on his face sitting up on that tractor is priceless! I can see why you'd want to bring one home!

  2. Oh the lambs are adorable as is the relationship between your littles. They are so cute!!

  3. Wonderful pictures! I love how Adrian protects his little sister and the intent look on his face when the tractors are coming!

  4. Lovely! But you are teasing us. I thought you had new animals...I was hoping this was it :)
    Also, I'm in LOVE with little girl's hat. So sweet :)



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