"So much a do round here."

Sweet girl wanted to wear her party dress outside the other day.

I told her she needed her boots.  "Boots mama?" Umm...yes. Do you see that mud?  Big thaw time=boots are necessary.
 So she put her boots on and started walking around the place, chanting. "So much a do round here".
Again and again.  
 And again.  Really, I'm sure you can guess who she heard that from.
 And somewhere along the way, she turned it into a song "So much a doooo round heeeere!"
 That is what happens, isn't it?  It's like we can't wait for winter to be over. And then the snow melts and uncovers all that there is to be done.
 "So much a do round here." She's right. But she's also right to make it into a song. Might as well sing through that to do list.
This farmhouse/farm isn't the only to do list around here. This blog space is too. There's just not enough days in the week. I have four recipes ready to show you, 5 craft projects, multiple outings with adorable pictures too cute to not share, thrifted finds that I am loving and a whole bunch of quilt pictures that I was going to share this winter.  And I keep taking pictures.
There really is "So much a do round here." Thankfully, I have 'helpers' who make me smile when that list feels too massive. Because, really, even though there's much a do round here, these two are at the top of my list.

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