The coast calls...

The nice days in early spring? The coast calls to us locals.  Empty beaches and rocks to explore without oodles of tourists. Free. And when we're especially lucky, we discover good friends had the same idea and we spend the afternoon together doing nothing but enjoying coastal life together.  Really, it was quite the marvelous day (and we should do it again, A!).  So I again bombard you with coastal love. I hope you don't mind.




  1. Such great pictures, I hope to visit Maine sometime in my life. It's on my bucket list. Not sure where in Maine or what time of year but I just want to experience it. Yay for spring and fun days outside :)

  2. Oh what gorgeous, glorious, spring pictures! Your children are precious... so very sweet. We got snow here yesterday. Snow?!

    Wishing you a lovely day.



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