Open Farm Days

So...I'm going to try something new. I have had a lot of interest of local parents/kids interested in coming to our little 'farm'.  I am so busy that time just ticks by before I can schedule as many playdates/visits that I'd like.

But, I want to share this place and our animals. Our animals are very socialized with kids in particular that it's a great opportunity for kids to enjoy and get used to animals. We have a great piece of property to run in, chase butterflies or spot the train going by. We have dirt to dig, flowers to pick, eggs to collect and giggles to share.

I've been collecting a whole bunch of used farm boots.  I have quite a collection. I'm hoping you and your littles will come and pull those farm boots on, get dirty and make memories with us.

The first open farm date is Tuesday April 8th from 4-6pm.  What will we do?  Hopefully we will have some baby chicks hatched/hatching from our incubator (they're scheduled for that day to hatch). We'll have the rabbit bouncing around, goats and chickens will be around, our dog will want her belly rubbed, of course.  There's sticks everywhere, so perhaps a fairy house or two can be built, if the weather is nice.  If it's rainy, we have a 3 seasons porch or the barn to keep us dry.

I'm also going to have a donation jar out. My kids work to earn the money needed to feed these animals. When the weather is nice, they sell bread roadside. They have sold hundreds of loaves of bread (with my help, of course) to tend their animals. It's really quite fantastic-they go to the feed store with their own little pouch of money. If we have an open farm day, then we won't be able to make bread that day. So, if you have a couple extra dollars, perhaps you can donate to their cause?  Helping to fund the feed for these animals possibly can ensure we can continue to have open farm days for all to enjoy this little piece of country life.  That being said, I don't want to turn anyone away if funds are tight. This is a place where all are welcome, regardless of finances or abilities.

I do hope you come. It will be a lot of fun, I promise. And you might want to bring your camera to catch the smiles that will radiate.

And future open farm days, (which I hope to have) may include some farm stories, farm songs, fun activities. Who knows? We shall see.  They also may include some of this:

Looks fun to me! I hope you can come. (And since this is the first one, could you let us know if you're planning on coming? Thanks!)



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