It's frivolous. Unnecessary. But, I wanted one.  Didn't need it, but wanted it.  It was my Christmas present.  I bought it and told my husband that was what he got for me for Christmas. 

 My husband didn't even complain putting together the 8ft tower.
 I was super excited when he put it in my garden area.
 I keep visualizing what's next there.  Perhaps a garden shed? Perennials? Maybe that granite bench I found in the brush will be dug out and placed here?  
 It's the beginning of my vision of a more permanent garden area in this space. I have so many dreams for this garden area.
 It's starting to come together, my garden vision.  It's all quite exciting.


  1. I love your windmill! It's awesome! If I had the space, I would totally want one too! We tripled the size of our garden this year. It's almost half of our yard (and the biggest I can make it unless I ripped out our deck). This week I am planting and so excited to do so.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. So exciting! Was this a thrifted find? Vision is the first step to making dreams come alive!

  3. Thanks for sharing this on The Maple Hill Hop today!



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