Spring in Maine

It's spring on this farm. There's signs of it everywhere. 

 No coats. Clothes on the line.

Garlic sprouting (below). Parsley, oregano and kale (!) coming back to life in the garden.

 There's dirt to water.
 And a tray of summery beverages to tote outside.
 And buds.
 Warm sun making the perfect napping spots.
 Flowers promising to come.
 Some already bloomed.


 More dirt to water.
 Spring clearing, burning brush and enjoying the freight train in the distance (can you see it?) without being so cold we must go in before it's by.

Soaking in the warm sun.
 Loving that sunshine.
 Sidewalk chalk.
 More dirt to water.
And picnics.

Animals preferring an outside adventure instead of a day in their office...err...coop.


 More watering. He did this much of the day. (Which clearly is unnecessary with all that mud. Details, I tell you.).
 Goodness, we enjoy a day at home enjoying the welcome spring air.  Happy Spring, friends!


  1. Ah the great outdoors! Don't get sunburned :)

  2. Lovely day outside! Love the smell of clothes that have hung on the line! Love that he is watering and taking care of all the plants! :)



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