Thrifted. Updates. Randoms

1) Thrifteds.
 A puzzle. A pack of embroider hoops.  Miniature wicker baskets, perfect for cups in the play kitchen. Doilies for a wedding, a transferware plate. A miniature cradle and the condiment cups, used as buckets for farming play. $7.00.

Usborne book. Four patterns. The decorations for our Easter tree.  Fabric. Basket with top. Scoop. Blue container (love the container for hard boiled eggs) and a sweater that I am planning on upcycling. $7.00

2) Updates
-Seedlings are growing. Pretty much everything came but peppers.  Peppers are so finicky.
-Our house was the messiest it's been in months because we've been playing outside so much.
-I have been working so hard to clear this rock wall out in front of our house. Black raspberries, prickery thorns and brush of that kind, as tall as trees, makes for lots of pricks on my end.  Ugh.  It's especially tricky because there's oodles of concord grape vines. I'm trying to cut back the black raspberries, as they are too thick to produce (and wild ones aren't worth saving, in my opnion) and keep the grapes.  It will likely take me the next five years.
-I came across the fourth secret garden...with a granite bench.  Rumor has it that they used to have a goldfish pond. I think I found that too. Exciting!
-My husband helped me have a controlled burn yesterday.  I was pretty nervous. It had just rained, so it was perfect timing.  It was a lot of fun! And a mountain of brush is gone forever.
-It's this time of year that I put a lot of pressure on myself to get the garden things done. I must remind myself it's all a work in progress.  I have a lifetime to complete the progress, hopefully.

3) Randoms.

She's still hiding when she doesn't want to get into trouble.


And him? He creates his own trouble sometimes. Somehow as I was helping his sister to the bathroom, I missed him sneaking into the kitchen, unwrapping a butter container, melting it the microwave, spilling a little as he removed it from said microwave. I walked into him cleaning the mess he made on the floor. "WHAT are you doing?"  "I wanted to do a little baking, mama."  Well then, let's get started!  What? You didn't think I'd really reprimand him for wanting to bake, did you? A boy after his mama's heart.


  1. Oh my, those wee ones are just too cute.
    Great thrifteds!
    Sounds like you are enjoying the beginning of spring up there. C'mon peppers, do your thing.

  2. ha ha - too cute!! how exciting about the bench and potential pond!! we burned brush the end of last week too. it makes it feel like Spring really has sprung. :)



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