Seedlings. A sure sign spring is coming.  

We filled these with soil almost a month ago. It was a sunny day that warmed our 3 season porch to temperatures that didn't merit layers of outwear.  While the soil has been waiting for us for a while, we did wait a wee bit before actually planting them.  

 We do love getting dirty.
 It's planted now. And sprouted. It's marvelous to watch spring sprout right in our very own house.
It's that time of year when there's not just herbs on my windowsill (which I have year round). Pile on the re-sprouted celery and green onions.
 And save those seeds for a matching game. Perfect for your 4-H pals.

And while you're at it, start celebrating spring with friends. Talking about gardening, getting our hands dirty and planning for spring and summer. Being outside without snowpants. Oh, we're ready for all that. We're ready for you, Spring.


  1. Definitely ready for Spring around here! This week we're finally feeling like it's coming. I even turned the pellet stove off for a couple of hours yesterday!! The snow has melted to unveil some of my garden beds which makes me want to dig in so badly. If only the ground was unthawed.......soon! :-)

  2. I love seeing those wee ones getting dirty. Aren't seeds just the most magical of things? Enjoy!

  3. Ahhh, this reminders me that we should really start our seedlings!

    I love the seeds taped onto the index cards... lovely idea.

    Wishing you a delightful day.

  4. Your kids look like they are really enjoying themselves. I cannot believe spring is already here. Soon it will be time to enjoy your fresh produce.

  5. I love the idea of spring right in your home! Getting dirty looks like a lot of fun!



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