Meet Katy the Goat

And so, I introduce to you...Katy the goat. 
Ta da! Here she is!  
We've actually had her a couple of weeks. Only with Katy's super shy personality, I needed to give her a little time to warm up before presenting her with the paparazzi and her crew. 

The first day my kids met her, they sized her up...

And simultaneously gave her a ginormous hug. Only I'm not sure she was a fan quite yet.  Our friends wanted to re-home her, as she was the bottom of the totem pole at their farm. All the other does were boss and she was so shy and submissive.
But now?  Here? She's a perfect fit. Our other goats have let her step in and be the lead. She seems quite happy and has gotten the routine down just fine.

And my kids love her. As in really love her. She just stands there and lets them hug her. Forever and ever.

Both of them could hug her all day long. Our other goats don't mind quick hugs, but they must have stuff to do, as they move along quickly after their hugs.  But Katy? She just stays there. Our kids tire of the hugs before she tires of hugging. She's a great match for us.

So now, we have 2 two-legged kids and 3 four-legged kids.  But, Katy is expecting. She's due May 20th (which would be my mom's birthday if she was living).  I'm nervous, excited, overwhelmed and more about that.

Katy, we welcome you with open arms.  Thankful to have you among us.


  1. Oh these photos just make my heart melt. Oh you are going to have so much fun. Hug B

  2. Love!! I especially love the photo of her looking up at him, she looks so happy. :)

  3. May 20th is my birthday too, it's a good day!

  4. Oh hooray!! So happy for her and for you - seems like the perfect match. That happened with us with a chicken we adopted because her 200+ flock was pecking her to death. At first she was timid and fearful, hiding behind me, but now she fits right in. Isn't it a great feeling when it all works out? Can't wait to see the little one in another month!!

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  6. So fun and exciting!!!! Love the pictures!

  7. Ah how sweet! Maybe she just needed some TLC, which you have a lot of !!!

  8. Awww, lovely pics! How fun to be expecting baby goats!

  9. Goodness, I love that goat! So happy she's a good fit for you guys. I knew she would be. :)

  10. Awww Katy! I love her! She does seem like the perfect addition to your family. So sweet that she stands there and lets the kids hug her. I would be hugging her all day long, too :) And I can't wait to see her kids later this month!



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