Meet Zoom.

Introducing our newest pet (because clearly we do not have enough).  Meet Zoom. Our new cat.

 8 months ago, we said goodbye to Harley. Harley was the cat our kids could hang out with, pet and play with. We still have Lucy, but Lucy only surfaces when she knows the kids are sleeping. Our kids have always desperately wanted to pet Lucy, but to no avail.  If we go to someone's house who has a cat, my kids spend a good chunk of their time trying to befriend someone else's cat.  My husband and I agreed that we'd look for another cat.

Well, we didn't look too hard for another cat.  That's because Zoom found us. All the other cats were sleeping at the shelter. Not Zoom (who was called Big T at the time). My kids went by and he swatted a paw at them playfully.  He meowed and meowed, made Audra giggle.  The kids were smitten immediately. After talking with the foster pet parent, we learned that Zoom started as a foster kitten-on a farm with pigs, chickens, goats, other cats, dogs, etc. and then went to live with children for 2 years before returning to the same foster pet parent. The foster pet parent met us and thought we were the perfect fit for him.  She suggested giving it a try. 

 (Never mind the blurry selfie...the only way I can be in pics!)
 Well, we tried.  And that first day, we knew we weren't sending him back. Zoom is active and fun. He's always around us, but not in our way.  He doesn't mind my kids toting him around (which can't always be that fun).  In fact, he purrs when they hold him.  He really hasn't gotten into trouble (yet) and we all really enjoy him.

 We've had him for just over 2 weeks now. It's safe to say he's found his forever home. He's the perfect cat for us and we're thankful to have him.


  1. Oh Zoom is one beautiful lucky cat. Lots of love is coming forever. Hug B

  2. He is just perfect, Jackie. I'm he found you.

  3. Awww, zoom is so sweet (and already looking VERY loved). Isn't it lovely when they "find" you! I love that you adopted too. There are so many animals in need of forever homes.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  4. Awwww, it looks like you'll be very happy together. Enjoy.

  5. He was such a sweetie and so accepting even that first night! Love Audra's blue dress in the pictures ;) Just brought back some sweet memories on a day I needed it!



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