Berries and Sunsets. Good things.

I had all this stuff to post today. Truth is, I don't have the energy to go through the pictures. It's because we had a full, full, full weekend. Fuller than we ever have. I'm beyond exhausted. We got to be together the whole weekend, we have had so much fun. We'll soon have even more exciting things happen on our homestead. I'm going to sleep smiling from all the goodness and I promise to keep the pictures coming when I have a bit more energy.

For now....

This is what happens when you keep a THREE year old out of the berry patch for nearly two days.  Enough for breakfast.  Oatmeal with raspberries, yes please.
 He's just as excited as me!
 And sunsets. Whenever I take a minute to fully enjoy a sunset, I am reminded of all the good that fill our days, and how thankful I am.

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