More animals

Remember when I said we were all done adding animals?

Well, apparently I lied.

I found this yesterday afternoon.
 You know, I'm never quite sure that the stuff we do will work. Apparently we have gotten down the hatching our own business.  We've done the incubator (even this year), but I have decided I much prefer a broody hen.  These are the ones born almost 2 weeks ago. They are already integrated into the flock, their mama as their protector.  They are super friendly and love to be held. Mama lets us with no troubles.

The ones above are the 'older' ones. This one below isn't quite a day old yet.

It's much, much, much easier having a broody. Some of these below are incubator chicks, so we have them in a separate pen.  I think I'm done with the incubator. It's nice having everyone all together.
So, as of bedtime, there were 5 baby chicks peeping in this nesting box. It may not be the final count. We shall see tomorrow.    All together, I have 78 mouths to feed at current count (including all animals and people on this homestead). That's a lot.  And now, I'm done adding animals. (I think.)



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