The waves were nearly still at low tide the day before last.  It was so serene, peaceful and beautiful.  Hardly any people at all at our local ocean beach spot too. Time stood still, the sun was still warm and we were together. Such great memories. 

Memories are what we have left now since our loved Fresh Air kiddo has returned to his family and life in the city. Our home is so much quieter now that he has gone. It feels empty.  Our hearts feel a bit lonely.  We were strangers 2 years ago and now this little boy feels like a part of our family. We look forward to next year, when he will return again to enjoy our country/coastal/farming/crazy life. Until then, we shall smile when we think of those summer memories we were lucky enough to have with him.


  1. Fabulous! Do y'all write good old-fashioned penpal letters throughout the year? So glad he had time to visit another way of life. Looks like a lovely outing.

  2. Looks like such a wonderful memories were had by all!



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